Another way of obtaining the status of a permanent resident in the U.S. is a petition filed by a U.S. citizen or green card holder relative. U.S. citizens may sponsor spouse, parents, children, sisters and brothers while the permanent residents may only petition for their spouses and children. The number of immigrant visas issued each year is regulated by Congress, and there are different waiting periods depending on the category. If you are an immediate family member such as spouse, child under the age of 21, you do not have to wait because there is an unlimited number of visas issued for this particular category. If, however, you are emancipated child, or over the age of 21 or a sibling of the U.S. citizen, you may have to wait before your visa number becomes available.

In the limited amount of circumstances, the law allows the spouses, children and parents of American citizens/green card holders to petition for themselves.

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