Spousal Support

In a divorce, one spouse may request maintenance from the other spouse. In determining whether a spouse should be awarded maintenance, the court considers several factors, including: the income and property of both parties; the duration of the marriage; the age and health of both parties; the ability of the spouse seeking maintenance to become self-supporting; which spouse has custody of the children; and whether one spouse contributed to the other spouse’s career or education.

There are four different types of spousal support:

  • temporary support, also known as pendente lite, granted during the pendency of the divorce to cover the necessary expenses,
  • restitutional support, compensating the spouse for school and other expenses occurred during the marriage,
  • rehabilitive support may be awarded to a spouse so she/he could gain the necessary skills to be able get back to workforce,
  • permanent support, usually provided to a party who is older and in poorer health. It lasts until one party dies or the other remarries.

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